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Courses and Taster Days

Ragged Life

Ragged Life

New to the Viking Loom!
Ragged Life are hosting workshops here, August 21st and October 16th. 10-4pm.
A whole day of contemporary rag rug making- and it is not just rug making.

"Rag rugging is an old British craft where people use hessian sacking and old, clothing and fabric to make cosy rugs for the floor. It was incredibly widespread during the Victorian times when lower income families embraced rag rugging as a way to make the most out everything they had. They took the clothing that was no longer fit for purpose and worked their magic to make wonderful rugs for the cold, stone floors even the men got involved!

Once you get rag rugging, it’s hard not to get hooked (pardon the pun)."

More details and sign up to a class on their website- www.raggedlife.com
COVID  2021

COVID 2021

We are away from the city centre with our own car park, very much a little island of creative calm!

Class sizes are small so that we can socially distance, the room is airy and large enough for separate tables. Masks must be worn in the shop and in group situations but optional when sat separately. Hand washing facilities are on site too.
Do come to the shop and have a look around if concerned.

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